Living and work in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin

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A wonderful flat to start a new life

Prenzlauerberg, what a wonderful place to live and work! If yuo want to live close to Kastanienallee in the famous Prenzauerberg, this is your flat. And if you like to start a new life in a wonderful fashion, why not in a 2 double bed-room in Schönhauserstrasse.

That is what we offer: an amazing art-studio double bed-room with a large living, a detached kitchen. The best place for your family or your friends to live and work in Berlin. 

The flat is ca. 90 sqm and is located at the ground floor on a very quiet side street.

We offer the flat as completely furnished with a minimal contemporary taste, you will live in a intriguing yet confortable atmosphere. 

Our prices are all-inclusive. Deposit is required.

Living and work in Prenzlauerberg


Due the actual law in Berlin, the flat is offered from a minimun stay of 4 months to a maximum of 12 and only to professionals and/or workers who can certify their activties.

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